Request our Hottest Sauces

We so very often are greeted by chilli heads who want to have our hottest sauce. Our sauces were originally crafted to be widely enjoyed, even by people who haven't yet experienced the feel-good hormone release of endorphins (responsible for the so-called "runners high"). 

I've heard your requests and especially as I create for myself variants of the sauces which contain Carolina reaper (hearkening back to the roots of several of our Toad Sweat sauces) and ghost pepper. Since there's not a huge market for these "extreme" sauces, I had set up this list to collect an idea of the level of desire for these extra special sauces.

We've received enough requests for these versions and are now awaiting the raw materials for the Cranberry and Lemon versions. I've also a special edition to be announced soon with a new flavour to compliment the existing versions.

There will be a case discount available (12 units) of 15% off and it will be online once all of the products go live.

Thank you and have a spicy day!

Todd "Toad" Guiton