Toad Sweat fans have shared their creations with us for using our award-winning sauces to liven up their favourite foods. Here is a list compiled from suggestions by others as well as some of our favourite recipes..

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 Any Toad Sweat flavour:
  • on ice cream, Soy Delicious, yogurt and in milkshakes.
  • over cheesecake, birthday cakes, cookies (especially chocolate chip)
  • mixed with fresh fruit (especially citrus, pineapple, mango, peaches, strawberries, bananas)
  • over scrambled eggs, pancakes or waffles
  • mixed with mayonnaise as a dip for artichokes
  • mixed in hard cider (We didn't believe it either at first!)
  • blended with peanut butter
  • as a simple syrup in cocktails

Cheesecake á la Toad

Toad Sweat Dessert Tamales

Toad Sweat Blintzes

Zingy Citrus Salad

Iron Slaw

Grilled Fruit Skewers

Buckwheat Pancakes With a Kick

Not Your Mothers Oatmeal

Mouthwatering Sweet Potatoes

Popcorn Surprise

Key Lime Toad Sweat:

  • works especially well as a marinade or grill sauce with chicken, pork or steak
  • mix with equal parts of yellow mustard for a wonderful dip for fries, on chicken wings, or a basting sauce or finishing glaze for pork, chicken or tofu
  • on a ham & pineapple pizza
  • over popcorn
  • in any lager where a lime is usually used

Chocolate Orange Toad Sweat:

  • roasted sweet potatoes and sweet potato pie
  • roasted pumpkin or warm pumpkin pie
  • acorn squash
  • in hot chocolate

Cranberry Toad Sweat:

  • on oatmeal/porridge with raisins or dried cranberries
  • as a dip for spring rolls or steamed veggies
  • in hot chocolate
  • as a simple syrup in cocktails

Lemon Vanilla Toad Sweat:

  • over salmon or grilled tuna steaks as a finishing glaze
  • mixed into a screwdriver for a nice zing
  • in sopapillas, on bread pudding, lemon bars, or warm tarts