Popcorn Surprise!

  • 250g popcorn
  • 50ml peanut oil or other oil that will take a high heat (grape seed, canola)
  • 30ml Key Lime Toad Sweat
  • Any combination of other spices optional (celery salt, garam masala, black salt)

Heat a large pot with a layer of oil and 3 popcorn kernels on high heat with the cover on. When the first kernels pop, add the remainder of the popcorn. After 1 minute begin gently agitating the pan for 2-3 minutes or until the popping slows and remove the pot from the heat. Pour the popcorn into a large bowl then drizzle Kickin' Key Lime Toad Sweat throughout and mix well with a spoon.

Taste to determine heat level and add other spices if you like. It will surprise you how good it is!

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