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***LIMITED EDITION*** Toad Sweat Hot Sauces - Set of 5 x 100ml Sampler

***LIMITED EDITION*** Toad Sweat Hot Sauces - Set of 5 x 100ml Sampler

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The first release of Toad Sweat Hot Sauces in over 10 years! A set of one of each of our 5 sauces - Kickin' Key lime, Zingin' Cranberry, Tinglin' Orange, Zippin' Lemon and Punchin' Pineapple - in 100ml sample bottles for the hot sauce connoisseur or for the chilli pepper adventurer to try a bit of each sauce.

The line of sauces was developed in order to continue the joy and zest of the chilli pepper through the end of a meal. They are now made in the UK and are reformulated with more juice and a very similar flavour profile to the original.

Through a series of delays, unintended incidents and unplanned events, we have a very limited number of these sets available. When they are gone, unfortunately, it will be several more weeks until we have stock replaced. Get yours while you can!

There is enough sauce in each bottle for at least 6 very generous servings or 8 standard servings of the sauces to get a flavour of how each works in different settings. Developed to compliment desserts, the sauces are equally at home in any meal from breakfast to a midnight snack and everywhere in between.

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